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As a young girl, I frequently posted in chatrooms, message boards, and online journals, putting my intimate thoughts out there for the entire world. I felt like a small speck on a vast platform, lost among the other millions of posts. I shared a version of myself that I created, mediating and manipulating my own identity. I hid behind my online profiles, usernames, and avatars, and yet still kept intimate e-diaries which told the story of my adolescence in a very sincere way.

About the project

For “Bedroom Diaries,” text excerpts pulled from my personal online journals (dating from as early as 2001) are superimposed over carefully posed webcam images, revealing a private version of myself; one only visible through the computer?s eye. By sharing these images, I am exploring the naive adolescent’s unfiltered engagement with the Internet as both an obscure platform for personal and seemingly private archiving, and a very public outlet for limitless sharing.

How do you exist online?

"I am a webcam image, a Skype video, and a self-portrait taken at arm’s length. I am shared, reposted, and reblogged. I am a digital girl made up of pixels, downloadable to your desktop screen.”

See more of Carlin’s work HERE

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